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How it works

When we find a mutually acceptable meeting date and time and the tuition fee has been received, an email will be sent to you with a link to the meeting site. Click on the sent link to access the meeting site and when requested, enter the meeting password provided.


After entering the meeting space and establishing audio and video contact with your instructor, the instructor will begin the presentation. The instructor will write and draw on the white board any elements that may help you better understand the concepts and you will be welcome to ask any questions that you may have just as if you were meeting your instructor face-to-face. Your instructor will prompt you to apply the taught procedures using the simulator and will ensure that you have mastered all the important concepts or procedures before the end of the session.


At the end of the session, we recommend that you review your copy of The Savvy GPS Pilot's Workbook to cement your newly acquired knowledge. Upon completing all the sessions, you will graduate as a confident savvy GPS pilot and will receive a completion certificate. 

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Hardware requirements


PC, Mac, Linux, Unix, or Solaris systems as well as many types of smart phones and tablets can be used to access online sessions. Customers will receive a link to test their setup upon registration.


To communicate directly over the computer using audio and/or video, participants need a fast Internet connection (384 kbps or better), a microphone (a USB headset is recommended) and speakers or a webcam. Communication is also possible over the phone (long distance charges may apply).

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