providing expert aviation gps training

Some of what you will learn

  • How GPS works including WAAS

  • How your GPS receiver's functions are organized

  • How to navigate through the functions quickly and efficiently

  • How to access and manage waypoints

  • How to create user-defined waypoints and how to use them

  • How to use the "direct-to" function to accomplish different tasks

  • How to create, edit, and use flight plans

  • How to view and understand the available navigation data

  • How to setup and use the moving map

  • How to use altitude related functions, timing functions, and flight planning functions

  • How to use the COM/NAV features (if any)

  • Learn all the regulations associated with GPS use for IFR operations

  • What is RAIM, what it means, and what to do if it is not available 

  • How to set the GPS during enroute radar vector operations

  • How to  intercept an OBS course

  • How to fly a unpublished holding pattern

  • How to activate a specific flight plan leg

  • How to fly a DME arc

  • What are the GPS approaches TERPS including the new TAA and GPS approach minimums

  • How to load, edit and activate GPS approaches

  • How to fly standalone and overlay GPS approaches (7 different approaches including WAAS approaches)

  • How to use GPS during non-GPS approaches

  • When and how to use "vectors-to-final"

  • How to plan the flight to the alternate including regulations for both WAAS and non-WAAS receivers

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