providing expert aviation gps training

GPS training in your airplane

The ultimate confidence builder is gaining actual experience using your own custom avionic setup under the guidance of a dedicated and knowledgeable flight instructor. We offer three different GPS training courses in your airplane, each customized to meet your needs:

One-Day Tune-up Training Course

Put your GPS ground training into practice and learn how to take full advantage of all your avionics with our customized hands-on training. Our expert GPS instructor will tailor a one-day program for you. You will gain real life experience - IFR procedures, approaches, emergencies - utilizing all your equipment.

Prerequisite: completion of the "Direct-to Savvy GPS Pilot™" seminar.
Tuition: $699 + travel expenses, if applicable

Two-Day GPS Ground and Flight Training Course

For those pilots who want one-on-one GPS training on the ground and in the airplane, we will combine morning GPS ground training sessions with afternoon flight training to allow you to not only learn how to use your GPS receiver but also gain experience using it in flight. Upon completion, pilots will receive a FAA Wings certificate and endorsement.

Tuition: $1,199 + travel expenses, if applicable

Two-Day Recurrent Training Course

This course offers a great opportunity for pilots to review and expand their knowledge, GPS skills, flying skills and instrument skills all at once, we will customized a program  to allow you not only to regain full currency but also to improve your knowledge and skills. The program will also include all knowledge and maneuvers required to qualify for a Biennal Flight Review and/or an Instrument Proficiency Check endorsement with an emphasis on adequate use of GPS. Upon completion, qualifying pilots will receive all applicable logbook endorsements.

Tuition: $1,199 + travel expenses, if applicable

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